What's Here

This Website is an eclectic collection of materials centered around my own personal interests and ideas. It is not intended to serve any particular purpose or to advocate for any cause. However, should you find something that strikes your fancy or provokes you to thought, I will consider my efforts in its creation to have been more than worthwhile. Enjoy!

  • Photography

    One of many hobbies, photography has been a pastime off and on for over half a century.

  • Sculpture

    Pieces sculpted of metal, wood and stone are created for display in both home and garden.

  • Writing

    Whether for blogs, publications, or Websites, writing is a never ending compulsion and pleasure.

Latest News

  • June 3, 2011
    Weather & Webcam Page
    Local weather information for Whitehead and Cary as well as images from the Webcam in Whitehead are now available on the Weather & Webcam page. Links to both Ray's Weather and WRAL-TV forecasts are also provided. Whitehead weather data is obtained from my private weather station located in Air Bellows Gap community. view»
  • May 25, 2011
    Lexington Collection Updated
    The "Lexington Collection" barbecue content of my old "Off the Wall" Website has been updated with a bit of light editing and a great deal of paring for incorporation into this Website. While this is the third or fourth version, it is the first update since 2001.
    The content was transposed in HTML format with little effort made to update to current HTML standards, and may contain deprecated code that is no longer supported by some browsers. All content, however, should be intact. view»
  • May 14, 2011
    Blog Continuation
    The blog incorporated into this Website is a continuation of sunsetridge.blogspot.com and all 1240 posts made there have been ported to the blog here.
    This continuation blog will cover a much broader range of topics ... especially politics and religion ... than the previous version which was largely limited to life on the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. view»